Travel the world using Tourcoin!

About Tourcoin

Tourcoin is a fairly standard coin in technical terms, but what sets it apart from the crowd is it's business model!

If our presale raises enough funds it will be used to develop the Tourcoin application, which once completed, will allow end users to travel and tour using the coin, and also offer their accomodation options for other users in a secure peer-to-peer travel system. Effectively you will be able to mine using your spare room!

The Tourcoin network is a hybrid PoW/PoS/MN system using the lyra2z algorithm for security.

Check out a demo of the planned Tourcoin app


Coin specifications
Coin name TOURCOIN
Coin ticker TOUR
Rewards MN - 50%, PoW - 50%
Type POW + MN
Block Time 2 Minutes
Max Coin Supply 3,126,195
Collateral 1000
Algorithm Lyra2z
Premine 1,210,000 (38.7%)
Block height Reward
1 - 3300 1
3301 - 8400 5
8401 Onwards 1

PoS-mining is a wise approach to earnings.

For miners everything is simple, all they need is any amount of the TOURCOIN in their wallet that is constantly connected to the network and a bit of patience. The interest you receive from each closed block depends on how many coins you hold in your wallet. The bigger your capital, the greater your opportunities; especially if you aren’t going to stop there and are ready to freeze some TOURCOIN to become the owner of a Masternode.



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