Travel the world using Tourcoin!
A crypto based peer-to-peer vacations club!

About Tourcoin

The plan is to bootstrap an autonomously operating globally distributed travel and tourism corporation. End users will be able to to travel and tour the world using the coin, and also offer their accomodation and tourguide options for other users.

The Tourcoin network is a clone of DASH and is a hybrid PoW/MN system using the lyra2z algorithm for security.

Check out a rough demo of the planned Tourcoin app

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Coin specifications
Coin name TOURCOIN
Coin ticker TOUR
Rewards MN - 75%, PoW - 25%
Type POW + MN
Block Time 2 Minutes
Max Coin Supply 3,126,195
Collateral 500
Algorithm Lyra2z
Premine 1,210,000 (38.7%)
Block height Reward Halves Each 2 years
1 - 525600 1
525601 - 1051200 0.5
1051201 - 1576800 0.25

MN-ownership is a wise approach to earnings.

For Masternode owners everything is simple, all they need is 500 TOUR to setup their Masternode on a suitable VPS. The rewards you receive from each closed block depends on how many masternodes are in operation, the more Masternodes you operate, the greater your opportunity to close a block and recieve a reward.